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Feel free to browse our wide selection of stones and products. See our gallery for examples of our finished customer products!

How it works

To begin, select a blank stone you wish to purchase, such as "Pawsome" or "Pawtastic", and add this stone to your cart. 

Next, if you wish to engrave your stone, select "Engraving per Letter/Number" and follow the instructions that follow. Once completed, add "Engracing per Letter/Number" to your cart.

Next, if you wish to stain or add black to your stone, select "Stain Color Chart / Black Pads & Paws" and add to your cart.

Finally, at checkout, you will be asked to include any special instructions for us. In these special instructions, include what you would like engraved on your stone, what color stain you would like your stone, etc. 

Product/Shipping Information

Make sure to check this entire webpage for important product and shipping information regarding our beautiful stones!

Shipping Information

Stones ship within 2-3 business days unless additional customization of painting/staining/engraving is purchased. Stones with those requests ship within 8 - 10 business days. 

Petite Garden Spinners are shipped free of charge within 2-3 business days unless they are on backorder which we will notify you of expected shipping dates. 

*No products can be shipped to California due to regulations. Sorry for any inconvenience.*

Product Information

Manufacturing Information and Care Guidelines

We take pride in our work and we will do everything to make sure our customers are happy and


Concrete is a strong material and a very durable product but it is not always without flaws. Despite the skill of our workmanship small imperfections can and will be expected. Due to nature of concrete, each item is unique in the way the concrete dries. Colors variation can occur- the representation of stain colors on the computer screen is a representation of colors and are not to be solely replied upon. Our items are hand crafted and color charts cannot always be accurate. There are a lot of variables when we use raw materials. Whitening can occur if any moisture was trapped beneath our sealers. We take great care in controlling this issue. Our concrete is dried completely for 28 days before product is cleaned, paintdsealed. If you see this happen on your finished stone, please let us know. You may notice small air bubbles or pin holes all of which are natural occurrences due to the unpredictability of concrete. The detailing on the stone from the molds are smooth finishes on the top and sides. The bottom of the stones are rough in nature. We do inspect each item before shipping and small imperfections may be present when using concrete and this is normal and adds uniqueness to each item. Sometimes, you will even see discoloration or dents. We use measures to try to eliminate the imperfections however; they can still occur and we do not warrant against them.

Cracks in concrete are possible over time and cannot be warranted against.

The stones are all hand crafted out of various types of concrete. The gray base stones are made with

water, sand, cement and gravel type aggregates. Our artisan white base stones are made with artisan concrete and they are made with fibers.

Sealers are used to protect your stone. Because we chose not to use solvent based sealers you may find that over time your product needs to be resealed. Fresh sealed stones protect and keep colors vibrant. If in time you feel your stone needs to be resealed you can contact us for advice on how to reseal your stone. They should not need to be resealed for a few years. 

** Please note, if your stone will be used in a high traffic area you may chose to add sand to the sealer to reduce the chance of slipping. Please let us know and we will be sure to add it. It will cast a white sand like texture on your finished stone. 

Paints/Stains- all paints that are used are acrylic paints and all stains used are water based stains. We do not use acid based stains or any solvent based paints.

Please use care when handling your stones:

- Stones are heavy and if dropped if can cause the stone to chip, crack or cause harm/injuries.

- Concrete can be damaged by many factors beyond Matters of the Paw’s control

- Damage from wear and tear, weather conditions, mis-use and abuse by the homeowner.

-Stones are not intended for Children under the age of 18, they are not a toy and should not be used as such.