About Us


We love our pets

 Our idea was founded out of our love for our animals.  If you have an interest in displaying our products in your pet store or boutique, please contact us directly. For every stone that is purchased a donation is made to animal shelters & rescues. If you have a specific rescue you feel passionate about please let us know and that donation will be made specifially. 



 Our beautiful stones are concrete.  They are made from earths aggregates and can have some imperfections which allow for no one stone to be an exact replica. 



We took an artistic approach to creating a beautiful stepping stone. The stones we create for you will enhance your home and garden.

How it all began!

Anyone that owns a pet knows what unconditional love is all about! That is how our story began. We would like you to meet Coco and Mocha. Coco came into our life in 2005 and Mocha joined our family in 2010. Our beloved Coco became ill and we spent months caring for her. She unfortunately had to spend many days in and out of Pet Emergencies, vet specialty clinics, and we owe a deal of gratitude to the very best doctors who helped save her life. Our idea began while waiting the many hours in the hospital. Many days we were allowed to take Coco outside and during the rainy days we would stand in the mud. Have messy shoes and muddy paws, it was clear to us that there should some sort of pathway. Why not, some stepping stones. 

We created a paw stepping stone, to always remind us of our eternal love for her!